A Little To The Left, Please

Cat Scratching

Cats love being stroked. And petted, rubbed, and scratched behind the ears. Just listen to those purrs and you’ll know it’s true!

But why is it that they, and us for that matter, love that kind of contact so much?  Well, some scientists did some research and wrote a paper, published in the science journal, Nature, about it. They say that all hairy mammals have what they call “stroking neurons”; specific neurons under the skin that react, in a pleasurable way, to being stroked.

This video explains in all, in such a cute way. So call your kitty and give him a few rubs while you watch. If you’re a cute caption freak, like I am, you’ll love this short video.

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    Awww that looks like my Boomer.

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    que boquinha rosa dá vontade de beijar

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