Delightful Double Stacks

Can anyone tell me, is “double-stack” a new internet thing? It seems to be, but if it’s not, we can start it here and now. Without further ado, I present to you an even dozen adorable double-stacked cuties. Most are kitties, but a couple of doggies snuck into the mix. But they are adorable, too, so – just this once – we’ll let them in!

A double-stack of sweet little furballs, fast asleep
Two Kitties Sleeping

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Double-stacked in a tree. Watching those birdies!

Double Stacked Kittens in a Tree

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A double-stack of trouble, no doubt! Cute trouble though.

Two Black Cats Peeking Through the Door

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Double-stacked sleeping arrangements

Double Stacked cats on the bed

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A double-stack of feline flower children.

Double Stacked Cats in the Woods

Image Source

Kitty and her bestie, cuddled into a double-stacked nap.

double stacked dog and cat

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Double-stacked preciousness, looking at you.


Image Source

 A Delightful Stack of Double Cuteness!

Double Stacked kittens

Image Source

Hey, dude. You’re smashing my head!

Double Stack Dog on Cat

Image Source

 Double-stacked kitties named Edna and Eddie Lamm, when they were itty bitty kitties

Double Stacked Kitties

Image Source

Double-stacked Edna (now Sumi) and Eddie (now Tucker), now that they are grown.

Grown Up Now Double Stacked cats
Image Source

Hey! How’d you guys get in here? Oh well, you’re a double-stack of puppy dog cuteness, too, so we’ll let you stay!

Double Stacked Springer SpanielsImage Source


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    OMG Cute!

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    the top one looks like my baby Tiny, I rescued him almost two years ago. a kid brought him to me for help. said his dad told him to toss him over the fence and let him fend for him self. the boy knew I love animals and brought Tiny to me for help. he was my crutch when I found out I had cancer. he stayed close to me. Love my friend Tiny. Kitten is my main c**n, my protector, now he keeps the others at a distance, but my friends stay near. best treatment ever…my babies…we are all good now…a family

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    Very cute pair

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