Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and summer is no exception. The long, lazy, warm days; the picnics, swimming, and days at the beach; all must wait now until next year. As the leaves begin to turn, these kitties would like to give you a last glimpse of their summer fun, and a look into what the new fall weather brings.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Summer is nearly over, at least in this part of the world. The crisp, cool days and chilly nights of fall are upon us. It’s time to pack away the swimming suits and summer gear until next year, and get out our sweaters and warm clothing. These “Kitties of Summer” would like for you to take one last look at their summer, and at their hint of what is to come this fall.

Summer Kitty

Wearing a crown made of flowers


Kitten in the grass

Stalking bugs in the grass

Image Source

Cat and Watermelon

Eating watermeowlon and batting at beetle bugs

Image Source

Sun Bathing Cat

Sunbathing on the beach is the best!

Image Source

Cat Smelling the Flowers

Never forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Image Source

Swim Cat

Taking a refreshing swim

Image Source

Cat Walking on Fence

Walking along a picket fence

Image Source

Cat in a Hammock

Taking a nap in a hammock

Image Source

 Yes, summer has gone and Fall is here. It’s time to gets under a nice, warm blanket.

Kitten Hiding Under Blanket

Either alone…

Image Source

Three Kittens under a Blanket

…Or with friends

Image Source

Cat by the Fireplace

It’s so nice to curl up by the nice, warm fireplace…

Image Source

Cat Warming Feet by Fireplace

…And warm your feet.

Image Source

 The Kitties of Summer wish you a cozy Fall, and a warm Winter!


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    Tout mignon le poupousse <3

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    yes,goodbye summer.will wait other years summer

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    even cats know to take the time…

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    Love <3

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