Does The Color of a Cat’s Coat Determine Their Personality?

As a cat owner, you know that your cats have distinct personalities. Some are friendly and cuddly, some are aloof and independent. Some are feisty or aggressive, and others are very sweet.

A common myth is that the color of a cat’s fur determines that personality. Torties are said to mischievous, black cats are laid back and friendly, orange cats are high-strung, and white cats are said to be shy and quiet and possibly not quite as smart as the other cats.

Beautiful white cat

It gets more complicated when a cat has more than one color in his or her coat. A black-and-white cat is considered to be easy-going. But there will be differences in the personality if, for example, the black-and-white cat has more white in the coat, or more black in the coat.

Often, a breed has certain personality characteristics, and also has certain markings. Siamese cats are often smart and vocal, and of course, they have their color points. But is their personality due to their markings?

It is doubtful that these characteristics are purely genetic. In many cases, it will be situational. Case in point – white cats:

White cats are reputed to be timid or a little dim. Many blue-eyed white cats, and some odd-eyed whites and orange-eyed whites, have hereditary deafness. The white coat colour has sometimes been linked to personality traits of slow thinking, dull intellect and (mostly in females) timidity of character – though these traits could equally well be due to deafness. A deaf cat does not react to sounds – such as the owner calling his name – and this can be misinterpreted as slow-wittedness. – from The Messy Beast

Do you have a belief about the purrsonality of certain colored cats? Have you noticed that a cat with a certain color coat tends to have certain behaviors?

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