Mama, Will You Read Me A Bedtime Story?

Little kitty has snuggled down into the covers and is super cozy. He’s ready for his mom to read him a bedtime story.

His favorite is The Tale of Tom Kitten, a story written by Beatrix Potter in 1907. The story has three kittens named Mittens, Miss Moppet, and of course Tom Kitten; and their  mother, Tabitha Twitchit, who tries to cope with their antics and mischievous behavior.


Kitten in blanket
Will you read The Tale of Tom Kitten to me tonight, mama?  Of course I will, baby!

Goodnight, little kitty. Sweet dreams!

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    too cute

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    Oh hell, I’ll read you War and Peace, in one sitting, if you promise to stay this adorable! 🙂

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    MY babies love their little places in the blanket.

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    Cats make the most wonderful pets! Love mine to bits!

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    so cute

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    me encantàn los gato.

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    So lovely

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    Precious pic. This should be published. I think a lot of people would buy this. Especially for babies room.

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