Giddyup, Kitty! We’ve Got A Race To Run

Halloween is almost here, time for candy and lots of treat-or-treating fun! Kids will be dressing up in their costumes, and some people will be dressing up their cats and dogs, as well. Which of course, they will only be tolerating, at best.

Even though the cats may not really appreciate it, some of the costumes really are cute. For example this one, a “horse” and jockey. And this kitty doesn’t seem to mind this costume too much!

Cat Halloween Costume

C’mon Kitty! We’ve  got to get to the starting gate!


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    Just me but NOT into dressing up cats!

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    I don’t think most of them are too crazy about doing it either!

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    Definitely not!

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    i wouldn’t even dare to try !!!!!

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    Hope loves getting dressed up!!❤️

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    I have only ever had one cat I dressed up, and I was 10 years old at the time. She would just lie down and not move until the clothing was removed.

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    Lol, I can see a cat doing that, Patricia!

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