Girl Asks for Donations for Animal Shelter Instead of Birthday Gifts

It’s so sweet to hear about young people who really care about animals! They will be the ones who take care of the hurt and homeless kitties when they grow up. And this little girl…well, read on!

Isabella Walsh

Ten year old Isabella Walsh is quite a girl. For her birthday, she asked  not for the usual presents a 10-year-old would want, but for donations of food, supplies, and treats that she could take to her local animal shelter.

Walsh celebrated her 10th birthday on Sunday at the Bouquet Pool in Springdale with about a dozen girls, most of whom also belong to the Allegheny Valley Junior Girl Scout Troop. Between them, the group collected more than 35 pounds of cat and dog food, 30 pounds of treats, 40 toys and about 35 food bowls, leashes and grooming supplies.

The items were donated the next day to Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley in New Kensington, where Walsh was able to spend some quality time with the beneficiaries of her party. “This is my present — being here,” she said, rubbing her face against a shelter cat in her arms. “I always have loved cats. This is the only thing I wanted to do.”

The shelter, like so many other, has been inundated with cats and kittens recently, since this is breeding season. They will take in approximately 1000 cats during July and August this year, so Isabella’s generous donation will come in handy.  Isabella was accompanied by her 7-year-old sister, Carissa, and her friend, Morgan Fitzgerald. Morgan made the comment:

“I want to do this for my birthday next year,” said Fitzgerald, 10. “It’s really cool. It could start a trend.”

What a wonderful trend that would be. We think Isabella, Carissa, and Morgan have hearts of pure gold.

Isabella's Donations

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