Great News, Thank You All For Your Prayers!

Great news! Sandye Gier, the crazy cat lady that so many of you sent your prayers to, gets to come home today! The doctors adjusted her meds and after a lot of struggle, were finally able to get her off the ventilator and breathing on her own! She is now waiting for her lung transplant, but gets to come home while she waits for it!

Baby Kitten

Her sister Linda posted the picture above, for Sandye. It represents the kind of woman that Sandye is. Linda is very happy and excited that her sis is coming home and is doing so well. This is what Linda wrote about what went on after the ventilator was removed.

When I returned a couple hours later, she was sleeping. ICU nurse said she had gone to the bathroom and they washed her hair. I woke her up and she looked at me. I won’t go into much detail, but we had a good cry, a couple of really good chuckles, and a whispered conversation where we agreed that I would quit smoking and she would continue to fight. Done deal. We also talked about family, friends, and of course, cats.

Of course she would talk about the cats! In case you didn’t see the post about Sandye, she ran a cat rescue and sanctuary called Catazona, and took care of 78 cats! When she got sick, she immediately went to work finding homes or other shelters that could take care of them. Of course, Sandye is not completely out of the woods yet. She still has the lung transplant to go through, and that will not be a walk in the park. But we will still be praying for her, right?

Linda was told that all of us here at Kittens Whiskers were praying for Sandye and she thanked us, and said that it was working. I figured that besides the prayers of her close friends and family, the prayers of a big bunch of cat lovers was bound to be heard!

I want to thank all of you, too! You all are the most kind-hearted people ever.


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    This world needs people like Sandye – will continue to keep her in my prayers

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    God bless and protect you always, Sandye Gier.

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    So very precious!

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    So happy to hear it.

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    Bless you Sandye

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    God Bless!

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