Happy New Year from Kittens Whiskers

Happy New Year everyone! Grumpy may not like it, but what else would you expect from Grumpy Cat? Do you have any resolutions that involve your cats? Maybe they need to lose a couple of ounces, eat healthier, or get more exercise? Whatever resolutions you may or may not have, we wish you and yours (and Grumpy) a happy, healthy, purrfect 2015!

Grumpy Cat 2015

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    Who expects cats to follow resolutions?

  2. preozbiljan si nesto….

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    Cats are next to human too. I love cats.

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    I would pay money to hear grumpy cat purr

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    Happy new Year!

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    My resolution was to open this cat cafe. I have days left. Please help spread the word: https://kck.st/1DeHOFS

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