Kittens at Play

There’s not much cuter than a couple of little kitties at play. Everything is new to them, and must be checked out! Something has captured these kittens’ attention. Is it a mouse? A laser light? Maybe a dog? (No! Not a dog!). What could it be? We must investigate!
Fascinated Kittens

Aha! Could this be what they were looking at? What a great play toy. Until one of them sinks a claw into the balloon and it goes pop!

Kittens playing with balloon

Look over here!  I’ve found something else to bat around!

Kitten playing with toyWell, check this out! I’ve found a bag to climb into. And out of. And back into. Whee!

Kitty in the bag
All this play has these kitties tuckered out! Time for a little cat nap. Kittens Sleeping

All photos by Jorunn D. Newth on Flickr. Click here to see more of these cuties.

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    I am looking for a 8 to 10 week old kitten!

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    Ils sont d’une beauté ces deux chatons <3

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    so darn cute

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    very cute

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    Go to a shelter and adopt (rescue) Joan!

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    So precious

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    Love watching them play!

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    Aww Sweet

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    These two are freakin’ ADORABLE! I want more kittens.

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    i would like these two

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    So cute

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    @[100000013988167:2048:Lisa Kishbaugh Materne] THESE CATS OMG

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    Yis3ad look @[100005061393567:2048:Moe Kader].. Click on it!! I better see it when I come back lol

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    @[100007335196650:2048:Kristel Heijnen]

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    Looks like my cat

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