Little Kitten, Big Stretch!

Ahhhhhhh! So nice to wake up from a nap and get a big stretch! Now that I’m almost awake, I think I’ll go in the kitchen and see if there’s some yummy milk in my bowl. But first, let me get another nice big stretch! Ahhhhhhh!

Big Cat stretch

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    Oh! What a little beauty! <3

  2. Reply

    How can kiottens look soooo cute!!!!!

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    bom dia povo do face

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    oh yea

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    So cute)))

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    Sweet and cute adorable

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    I agree, Mr. Kitty.

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    Too, too CUTE!! =D Makes me smile.

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    so adorable + sweet

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    @[767149946:2048:Naiem Rab]

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