Superstitions About Cats That You Probably Haven’t Heard

Superstitions about cats abound. These magical powers that cats are supposed to have can bring both good luck and bad luck, can bring lovers to young ladies, can heal the sick and bring riches to the poor. The superstitions vary according to what part of the world they come from. Here are some you may never had heard.

White Cat Superstitions

Being an American, I’ve heard lots of Black-Cat-Bad-Luck superstitions, but I’ve never heard these American superstitions about white cats. In fact, I’ve never heard any superstitions about white cats, until now. Here are a few:

Dreaming of a white cat means good luck.

Dreaming of white cats

She’ll have a good day tomorrow!

Seeing a white cat at night is bad luck

White Cat at NightYou’re in trouble now! Two seconds of bad luck for you. Oh, it’s over now. Carry on.


But to see a white cat on the road brings good luck.

White Cat in the Road

Lucky for you it’s day time!


I wonder what it means if you dream about seeing a white cat on the road at nighttime?


White Cat Magic

It’s True, Us White Cats Are Pretty Magical


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