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We love our Facebook fans. They are the kindest and most caring cat people in the world.

Michele Couette is one of our most active fans on the Kittens Whiskers Facebook page. She regularly posts pictures of super-cute, fuzzy, cuddly kittehz. We have started a collection of her pictures to post here for you to see. Here are the first 15. We think you’ll love them.

And thank you, Michele, for all your contributions. They have undoubtedly put a smile on many faces!

Kitteh and Duckeh, So Sweet Together

Three Adorable Little Fuzzballs

Cute Fuzzy Kittens

Who Wouldn’t Love This Face!

Cute Kitten's Face

Big Sis and Little Sis

Big Sis and LIttle Sis Kittens

Walking In Grass For The First Time

Two Kittens Walking in Grass for the First Time

How Are We Ever Going To Reach That Bird?

Two Kittens Watching a Bird

Pretty Kitty

Sweet Kitten

Matching Ears!

Kittens with Matching Ears


Adorable Kitten

A Sweet Kiss

Kissing Kittens

I Think My Molars Are Coming In

Kitten Touching Molars

Can We Cuddle?


Cuddly Kitten

Such Huge Eyes!

Kitten with Big Eyes

He May Not Do Much, But He’s Always Here When I Need Him

Real Cat with Stuffed Cat

Thank you Michele Couette! You are a true cat lover and we really enjoy your contributions!

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    Coisa mais linda.

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    it is my great pleasure to share all these pics with all cats (and animals) lovers, hope you enjoy them !

      • janey thompson
      • October 1, 2020

      I struggle to support myself, and can’t (miserably) have a pet.. I could not provide for one.. Peoples stories and photos of their pets.. keep me going..

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    GATO Amigos

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