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These kitties aren’t shy when it comes to asking for some loving. No matter what their hoomans are doing, when it’s time to get petted, it’s time to get petted! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine is the Scottish Fold at the end. He seems to tap-tap-tap on his hooman’s arm to get her attention. Which one is your favorite?

Well, that video has disappeared. Here’s another of Bug, a pretty white kitty that insists on being petted!

Kitties Just Want to be Petted

A kitty that wants to be petted is like a ball of fluff waiting to be loved. With its soft fur and gentle purr, it’s hard to resist their charm.

But don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance. These feline friends are masters of manipulation, using their adorable faces and cute meows to get what they want.

And what they want is your attention. They’ll rub against your legs, jump on your lap, and even paw at your face until you give in and pet them.

But who can blame them? With their silky fur and sweet disposition, they’re the perfect companion for any cat lover.

And speaking of lovers, if you’re looking for a way to win over that special someone, a kitty that wants to be petted is the perfect wingman. Just imagine the brownie points you’ll earn when you show off your soft and cuddly companion.

But don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try and see for yourself why a kitty that wants to be petted is the ultimate accessory for any cat lover.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest animal shelter and find your new best friend today. You know that your heart (and your lap) will thank you.

Your New Best Kitty Friend

So, you headed to the pet store and pick up all the supplies you’d need to make your new kitty feel at home. You got a cozy bed, some toys, and of course, plenty of treats.

Now, you’re sitting on your couch, scrolling through your phone when you feel a soft brush against your leg. You look down and see a fluffy kitty staring up at you with big, pleading eyes. It’s clear what she wants – to be petted.

You reach down and run your fingers through her silky fur, marveling at how soft it is. She purrs contentedly, and you can’t help but smile at the sound.

As you continue to stroke her, you realize that this kitty is more than just a cute little ball of fluff. She’s a master of persuasion, using her big eyes and soft fur to win over even the most reluctant of petters.

Cat Wants to be Petted

But it’s not just her looks that make her so irresistible. It’s her personality too – playful, affectionate, and always up for a good cuddle.

And that’s how you know that this kitty was the one for you. She’s got the looks, the charm, and the personality to make your life complete.

As you settle in with your new furry companion, you can’t help but feel grateful for the joy she’s brought into your life. She may be just a kitty, but to you, she’s so much more – a loyal friend, a constant companion, and a source of endless love and affection.

And as you drift off to sleep with her purring softly by your side, you know that you made the right choice. This kitty may have started out as a stranger, but now she’s become a cherished part of your life.

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    sweet. Some of my cats paw, others just stick their heads under my hand.

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    This looks like my Chipper!!

    • Vi
    • March 7, 2015


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    The Scottish fold at the end was my favorite as well! Funny video

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    Alicia joe

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    Its spelled hUmans

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