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These kitties aren’t shy when it comes to asking for some loving. No matter what their hoomans are doing, when it’s time to get petted, it’s time to get petted! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine is the Scottish Fold at the end. He seems to tap-tap-tap on his hooman’s arm to get her attention. Which one is your favorite?

Well, that video has disappeared. Here’s another of Bug, a pretty white kitty that insists on being petted!

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    sweet. Some of my cats paw, others just stick their heads under my hand.

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    This looks like my Chipper!!

    • Vi
    • March 7, 2015


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    The Scottish fold at the end was my favorite as well! Funny video

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    Alicia joe

  5. Reply

    @[100009118945457:2048:Hope Meiforth]

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    Its spelled hUmans

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    Ronan Kelly

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