Cat Behavior

Cat Out at Night

Are Cats Really Nocturnal?

Cats have a reputation for being nocturnal creatures, but does this term describe them justly?

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Kitty on the Counter

Keeping the Cat Off the Counter

There are three main things that you need to know when you decide to train your cat to keep off your counters and other surfaces.

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Kitty in the potty

Common Cat Behavior Problems

When cats join your household, several behaviors might make you wonder why you got a cat in the first place.

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Cat in the home

Making Room For Your First Cat

Adding a cat or kitten to your home is the start of a lifelong relationship with several commitments that need to be given some thought before you do it.

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Why Cats Misbehave

Cats can be trained to be happy members of your family, but you will have to learn how cats think and what governs their behavior.

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Two Kittens

Why You Should Consider Adopting Kittens in Pairs

Living with another cat helps kittens or older cats learn how to interact appropriately with other cats, other pets in the household, and even with humans.

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Cat Talking

Do You Understand Cat Talk?

There’s some evidence that cat meows are not natural cat language and that they’ve been developed by cats to communicate with humans.

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