Just for Fun

Smug Kitty

Rules for the Cat

As you know, we don’t own our cats, they own us. And should you ever forget that, you will be reminded!

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Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats! You Think It’s An Urban Legend?

Ninja cats are NOT an urban legend. They DO exist! One could be behind you… right now!

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Kitty City

Attack of the Catzillas

Are they Catzillas, or Frankencats, or just innocent little CATapillars?

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Kitty Cat Country Pumpkin

DIY Cat Halloween Decorations

Trick or Treat! What better decorations for Halloween could there be than some scary black cats and some cute orange and white kittens?

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Close the Door

Do Not Disturb!

No matter how many times the hooman opens the door to the cat carrier, kitty reaches up and grabs it and closes it back down.

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Two Black Cats Sharing Food

Pass The Cat Chow, Please

Let’s share this food. No, let’s not. It’s mine. No, it’s mine. Ok, but now it’s my turn. Now it’s mine. Hey, I wasn’t finished!

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Royals Fans in Cat Shirts

KC Royals Fans Love Cats

Back in June, a couple of Kansas City Royals fans wore these cat-covered wrestling outfits to the game between the Royals and the Yankees

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Cat in scarf

The New Fall Line of Cat Clothes

Here are 12 warm-makers that no fashion conscious kitty will want to be without this fall!

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Cat Organizer

Crazy Cat Lady Organizer From IKEA

They recently opened up a new IKEA store near me. I went there, after the grand opening (it was too crowded!), and found the cutest cat organizer. The cats love it!

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