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Varga Sándor is another of our highly active Facebook fans – he uploads several adorable kitty pictures nearly everyday.

Here are a just few of kitty his pictures, some of the more feisty ones. I  hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

And thank you for all your contributions, Varga! They definitely brighten our days!

That’ll Teach You To Drink The Last Of The Milk!

Spilt Milk

Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Where The Accelerator On This Thing?

Cat in a toy car

There’s Nothing Like Being Pampered

Ducks Pampering the Cat

A Little CATfeine In Your Coffee?

Cat Image in Coffee Cup

Just Finished Doing My Insanity Workout

Tired Cat Exercising

Yum! A Banana Slurpee!

Banana Slurpee

Gotcha! (I LOVE this one!)


Teacher’s Pet

Teacher's Pet

Tax Season. Ugh!

Tax Season. Ugh!

I Know It’s Not Polite To Put My Elbows On The Table, But I Can’t Reach It Otherwise!

Cat Reaching for Food on Table

C’mon Dude, I’ll Walk You Home

I'll Walk You Home

Yes, I’ve Got Milk!

Got Milk?

Cool Kitteh

Cool Kitteh

You Have Reached…The End

The "End"

Thank you, Varga! We love these kitteh pictures!

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    loved the quips!

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    loved the quips!

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