You Think A Snow Cat Is Funny?

Lol!┬áThis appears to be┬ásomebody’s idea of a joke, but this kitty doesn’t think it’s very funny! It’s definitely an idea that would be fun to do this winter, if you get this kind of snow in your area. We’ve only had a couple of dustings so far this year, but they got 5 inches about 20 miles north of here, so maybe we’ll get some soon.

I think the bell on the collar is a nice touch, and the twig whiskers are just too cute. Hurray for the Snow Cat!

It wasn’t me, but I like it!

Here’s another snow cat, this one is from @SuzanneLepage1 for Whiskers Wednesday. Notice the pretty calico kitty looking at the snow cat like WTH??

Another Snow Cat

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    Go back?! He’s NATIVE AMERICAN you twit!! His ancestory can be traced to the FIRST PEOPLES of this country…can yours?! Didn’t think so…

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    I owned a cat named snow ball once.

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    One year my niece built a snow cat and her kitty glared at it for days until it melted.

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    My neighbir did a snow dog, colored with coffee yet!

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    I hope you enjoy

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    This kitty remimds me of my Mom’s (then ours, when Mom passed away) cat = Miss Kitty. Although, Miss kitty did not have 1 blue eye and q green eye. But she was such a lovable cat and loved my Mom to death. Mom had a mechanical mitral valve, and you could hear it clicking away as it worked, and Miss Kitty loved it. She loved to lay on Mom’s chest(after her chest healed from open heart surgery to put the valve in), Miss Kitty developed her own health problems, but finally had them healed before she passed away. She was a special and beautiful cat.

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    wonderful story.. I also have a cat who is my love of my life… she sleeps on my pillow with me an I cant go to sleep unless she is purring next to me.. she has also saved my life 4 x already.. I have type one diabetes an if I have a low during the night.. she wakes me up by pouncing on me licking me patting my face or meowing.. she just knows.. I love her dearly.. she is my angle

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