A Feral Cat’s Plea

The feral cat. They seem so unfriendly. They don’t want anything to do with you. They run and hide when you come anywhere near them. The truth is, they’d love to let you love them, but they’re just so scared. If you are someone who takes care of feral cats – bless your heart. There’s bound to be a special place for you in heaven.

Feral Cat

I’m a Feral.

I want to trust you

but I’m not ready…

I’m hungry so

please keep feeding me.

I saw that house you put out,

I hope it’s for me.

Can we keep it this way

for just a little while longer?

I think one day

I will be ready.

Until then will you please keep

taking care of me?

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    People with pets that get “lost” , PLEASE SPAY and NUETER your pets and MAYBE there will be less of these poor creatures running wild and breeding.

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    So very true thank god there are people that’s help feed these poor cats

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    I’ve got one that has made my home hers. It is now her bed, her chair, her floor and I may use them when she says so. She still likes to stay out alot but she owns me.

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    I do…and the$#%&!@*I get from people but they don’t stop me….

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    Our cat was very close to feral when we got her. Now she is a total love and delight to have around. She has trained us well! We love her dearly.

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    There is a Chevron gas station in Santa Nella, CA that has a bunch of kittens that are feral with a mother ~ people buy canned cat food from the market and leave them out for them. However, it is so cold there and the kittens so cute ~ would love to rescue them all.

  7. Andrea Sharp

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    Mm he came back yesterday xx

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    boy , this is exactly what we do for our neighborhood feral angels …so far this year we have rescued 3 little babies and have 2 more to go !!!! We love them all.

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    Yeah Cool info thanks

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    Agreed… Amazing thanks so much

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    More stuff on kittens ok? like = agree

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    I adopt feral cats

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    For Tommy.

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    I live in the country so we pick up the food at night,and put it back out in the morning.I’m feeding 4 .:-)

  17. I fed 4 feral kittties, then we moved, but they all went down a block away to our neighbors, and now she is feeding them, i was able to pet some of them before i left, and even got to hold one of them.

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    My sister has a feral cat. As a kitten he and his siblings were captured and spayed/ neutered had the tip of one ear clipped and returned to the area. Tommy lives on the back deck. He loves my sister but is still a “wild ” cat. The mouse chipmonk population is way down near her house.

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    Thank you for all the help….† GOD BLESS †

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    Angela Nicole Williams, Mooney

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    Over the years, we have adopted 15 feral cats…two of which are still with us…one is 8 and one is 5. If it comes to our house, we feed it, vet it, and it becomes ours. Some feral cats take a little longer to get used to humans, but when they do, it’s so worth it!

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    Love this and my sister in Florida did just that and the cat started coming to her and even me when I visited. We have a kitten that came from a Feral cat.

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    Well do it. It can be done, trust me. It may take time and it may take a few generations of kittens but if the female isn’t spayed the problem will only get worse.

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    i would love to love them and feed them they can go in the gagage to stay warm

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    I have 11 ferals that I feed every day. I call them my back porch kitties.

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    i,m raising 8 ferrels,two died,and i fixed 15 more,and released them

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    Always…. weather you are ever ready or not.

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    We have many strays in my area and have at least 2 that visit my yard every day. I feed them and leave a bed in my alley for them to sleep in or get out of the weather. About 6 years ago I actually got one of the strays to trust me enough to pet her and she eventually let me clean her up and bring her in to live with us and she’s been with us ever since. This is the only cat to be this trusting. Her name’s Miss Kiddy.

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    that’s how I got my Taffy and he turned out to be a great cat

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    My sister has an “igloo” in the winter for “stealth cats” — it is lined with an old sleeping bag (which she keeps clean) and there is dry food and water inside for all comers.

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    I am. Heartbreaking sometimes…

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    A friend, who knew I wanted a kitten, captured a beautiful tiny feral female kitten and gave it to me. I tried so hard with her — and it wasn’t for lack of love and care — but she simply couldn’t be tamed. She tolerated me sometimes, but the litter box was totally beyond her understanding. I tried to keep her in, but all she wanted was the outdoors — the wild — where, during one of her escapes, she was attacked by something and $200 later, was stitched back together by the vet. She was so tiny when I got her, you’d think you could have domesticated her, but, in her heart, she truly never left the wild. So there she was, caught somewhere between a feral and a house cat. Obviously, she couldn’t be returned to the wild because she hadn’t learned the skills to survive. It broke my heart, but I finally found her a new home. I hope she was better with her new family than she was with me. My best advice: Do what you can to help the feral cats, but leave them in the wild. It’s what they want, what they need — at least for the feral cat I tried to tame it would have been a better life for her in the wild.

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    Tana Michelle

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    I have seven I am caring for now. They eat as well as my precious indoor kitties and I have provided warm shelters. When they allow me, I coax them into carriers and take them to foster homes and no kill shelters.

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    God bless and watch over these angels, they are his creatures, and we need to help them all we can.

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    I do

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    I trapped momma kitty & her three kittens, took them all to vet & spayed & neuter. That was at least 16 years ago, momma kitty & one of her kittens finally died last year. I kept them fed & moused for us. It was sad to see them go.

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    I will keep feeding you. Put out a home but no one used it

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    totally correct 🙂

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    absolutely 🙂

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    Thanks for the post

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    They are a real pest here in New Zealand. The SPCA traps, neuters and releases but this only creates high densities of cats who are generally unwell and struggling amongst each other for food availability, preying on our native bird life. It really would be more humane to euthanise them

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    I have a bunch of feral kitty’s that come to my house to eat.I have made friends with all so far so they don’t run from me now.Sweet bunch.I will sit out with them while they eat & talk to them till we become friends.Then I usually bring them inside & then take them to be spayed or neutered .Thats why I have 14 kitty’s now.I am working on tblack & white long haired kitty now.Hope he starts getting a lot less scared.I was able to pet his head a few days ago while he ate his fancy feast wet canned food.He has such a cute little face.

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    I used to work as a volunteer with an animal humane society in Massachusetts. I fostered as least 32 kittens, most of them feral. If you can allow the kittens to stay with their mothers for at least 6 weeks, the kittens are easily tamed by a loving, patient person. Trapping the entire family is best, but taking tiny infants is not great. They really need their moms for nourishment and to clean their bottoms. Just monitor them, and rescue the little ones once they are independent. . They can then get medical care, shelter, and a safe home. If you can then capture mom, she can be spayed. Once spayed, she can be released or sheltered. Opinion differs here. Better yet, rescued, spayed cats can be given to area farms to keep their barns free of vermin, while being well cared for. This is the best solution.

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    I’m sorry sweetie, I just can’t. I know you’re hungry, but if I keep feeding you there will soon be more of you. Plus, you don’t understand how to properly take care of your humans the way tame cats do, and I just can’t deal with that.

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    Thank you

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    I raised a black feral kitten…when he was about 10 he finally let me cuddle him…our other cat was normal & the 2 of them were always side by side…the feral was my conversation piece…he was hilarious…he would get on my pillow above my head at night & put his head in my hand & we would go to sleep…after he died it took me a long time to go to sleep without his head in my hand

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    Not for us to “adopt”, but let’s get them ll spayed andneutered before retunring them to thweir outdoor habitat

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    I ALWAYS fed the ones in my neighborhood. Where I live now, I never see any. :-{

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    I have manny kittys I feed ferril or not cant see them go hungry love them all

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    Lynn Lee

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    I to have been taking care of the feral cats in my neighborhood.

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    Very cool

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    I will never understand people who hate cats.

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    Daily feeding twice a day for all my returners and newbies – food, water and loads of kind words – <3 <3 <3 <3

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    So true eventually they do, we have 3 that adopted us. We love them

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    Amy Wawak Cynthia Alston I thought about both of you good people when I saw this.

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    Thanks, Mary! I love my kitties as much as someone with a “pet” cat. And after all, I didn’t pick them, they picked me.

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    it works for me when I feed them and just sit and talk to them then they come home with me

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    Feral cats only live about 2yrs. because of sickness, traps being set by the city and once captured immediately put down or they are eaten by coyotes ect..Very,Very sad but this is the truth. I feed them and then one day I NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN. It is a shame people are still so iresponsible and don’t bother to have their pets fixed in this day and age. It truly breaks my heart!

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    Thanks Mary I needed to hear that I get some much criticism lol. Ditto Amy

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    Don’t listen to criticism Cynthia! You are so special for what you do!!!

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    I have 3 inside and 3 outside.

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    I have made friends with a feral black cat she eats sleeps on my bed when I find my own place it will be her house too

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    Yes, there are some feral cats on my area. I have food, water and shelters for them even they will not let me touch them for years. That’s ok. I am just glad to help them and enjoy watching them with love. 🙂 <3

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    Many times over…..

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    Anyone else agree?

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    Hell yeah!:D

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    anyone else love kittens as much as i do

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    I’ve rescued a few dumped one’s…ended up being precious kids ha ha

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    That’s a great idea Suzanne, giving them to area farms, instead of just releasing them back to where you trapped them!

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    When I was a kid, I wanted to bring home every stray and feral kitty I could find! I love cats. So we would keep feeding them, make a warm cardboard box for them to sleep in when it was cold. Quite a few feral ktties then became mine after awhile. They were still mainly outdoor cats but in the winter when it was bitter, we would let them come in to sleep in the basement. Now I have only one black kitty who is a rescue and she is totally an indoor kitty. She’s like my baby and is treated like a princess.

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    +1 Amazing info thanks so much

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    Yeah Agreed

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    Yeah Nice ?

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    Always adore everything about

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    I also have had 8 what we call “porch cats” over the years who show up and eat, but never let us touch them. We feed them, give them a warm bed and respect their wildness. But we also trap and spay them all, and if they become ill, they do allow us to take them to the vet. I have put down more than one kitty who was so sick from something incurable and glad to be able to end their suffering. Thy all get buried in our little cat cemetery in the corner of the yard, with a memorial stone. They are wild, but we love them all .

  88. I have one of these now that I rescued from outside. I had too get her in a humane trap and bring her (almost 100% certain she’s a little girl) inside because she is still a kitten and was being terrorized by older bigger cats and dogs, and also not to mention the busy street we live on. She now lives in my office and we are slowly making progress. I love she wants to trust me and love me, but like the article says she’s just so scared. I can be extremely close to her but no petting yet.Here’s my baby I call her Cici.

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    I have taken care of many….one for 14 years. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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    Well said! (Y)

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    I suppose so (Y)

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    That’s exactly the case! 🙂

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    Thanks for posting! 🙂

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    I have feral cats that I feed. I see to it the food bowl is full daily. I put the bowl in an old dog house so they can get in there and eat even in the rain. There is also a shelter we made out of a plastic storage box lined with styrofoam and rags and rugs. The hole where they enter was cut just big enough for a larger cat. I put that across from the food/dog house under a mature pine tree that has branches that hang to the ground and is a shelter in its own right. I love cats.
    There was one feral cat here when we moved in and he was skinny. Not skinny any more!!! Big fat boy now.! He pays me no mind but won’t get friendly.

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    Cat needs to get a job

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    The problem with this country is all the unemployed cats

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    When I was little, my family and I lived out in the country, and there were a lot of feral cats and we fed every one of them. I actually made friends with a few of them who learned that they can trust me. All cats need love, whether they are feral or domestic, or even big and wild. I love them all.

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    ill never stop

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    this is for my sister robin lanasa she takes care of 7 ferals who are all spayed and neutered and in great health

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