A Warm Little Kitty

It’s so cold outside and I’m trying to keep warm. I have my cozy hat and scarf on. But will you let me come inside so I can get warmer? I promise I won’t be any trouble. I’ll just curl up by the heater and be real quiet. Well, I might purr a little. But I’ll be good.

Warm Kitty

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    Of course, little kitty..

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    Of course. Any time.

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    Of course, little kitty your welcome to come into my house anytime!!!

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    would have a dozen if I could afford it

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    Love cats (both the wife & I) but we never let ours go outside; Never!

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    If you love cats, you might like Linda and her Kickstarter project: Every
    little bit helps!

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    i has tuna!

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    Leonardo Magana have you ever seen a cat disguised as a cat?

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