Kittens Whiskers

Green-eyed Maine Coon

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is large in stature, muscular, highly functional in design, and well-known for having a sweet, kind demeanor.

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SPCA Video

ABBA Goes To The Dogs (And The Cats!!)

This video will make you want to adopt right away! You have been warned!

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american curls

The American Curl

American Curl cats are the result of a natural mutation that gives them very distinctly shaped ears. They are playful and affectionate, and they bond incredibly with their owners.

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Yellow Kitty in the Sun

Yellow Kitty in the Sunlight

This kitty looks very pensive and warm in the sunlight. Visit us for more cute kitty pictures

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Stockings the Cat

A New Lease on Life for Stockings the Kitty

Stockings was born with severely deformed back legs and would most likely have been euthanized. See who saved him and how he’s doing now.

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Just Born

Hello World!

This little kitteh has just made it’s debut in the world. Still wet. Momma looks tired but content.

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Cat in a box

A Pictorial of One Cat’s Busy Day

You buy them expensive toys and then they want to play in a box! A morning of fun for this kitty.

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Cat shirt

This Lady is Quite the Poet

This lady has written a cute rap song to go with her kitten t-shirt. We love it!

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Juni the cat

Feed Me Now!

Juni looks a little impatient. Or maybe he’s just really eager to eat!

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