Just For Fun

Cat in scarf

The New Fall Line of Cat Clothes

Here are 12 warm-makers that no fashion conscious kitty will want to be without this fall!

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Cat Organizer

Crazy Cat Lady Organizer From IKEA

They recently opened up a new IKEA store near me. I went there, after the grand opening (it was too crowded!), and found the cutest cat organizer. The cats love it!

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Cat Sees Shoes on Sale

Shopping With Kitty

I took my furr baby shopping with me the other day. We like to never got out of the store!

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Cats on a bus

How Many Legs On The Bus?

Here’s a little brain-teaser for you. There are these seven kids who love, love, love cats. They are taking their cats to Camp Catawaller for a week.

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Kitten in boot

Puss in Boots, The Master Cat

Puss in Boots was written in 1697 and is still popular today. Read the basic plot and see some adorable modern day kitties in boots.

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Cats vs. Dogs

Cat vs Dog. Place Your Bets Now!

It’s an age-old rivalry. Cats vs Dogs. Who is in charge of who? Who is the toughest? The baddest? Who RULES? This video may not settle the question once-and-for-all, but it will decide who rules between this pair. Place your bets now!

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What is This Kitten Doing On My Desk?

I don’t usually use a mousepad, but when I saw this one, I just couldn’t resist!

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Tortiseshell Glasses

Cats With Glasses

The following kitties are wearing glasses, either because they are near-sighted, need UV light protection, or as a fashion statement. Or maybe just because they look so cute with them on.

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Would You Live In These Cat Houses?

Here are a few “cat houses” that cat lovers might like to live in!

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