Just For Fun

Cat Answers Phone

Fred the Cat Answers the Telephone

A Kitty Cat Answering Service?

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The Best Fairy Tale With Cats Ever

This is the best fairy tale (with cats) ever. Utterly ridiculous. And awesome.

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1910 Photo of Lady and her Cat

A Young Lady and Her Cat Circa 1910

I came across this image of a young lady and her pretty kitty, taken in 1910. Just a tiny bit of Photoshopping (I’m no pro) spruces the image up quite a bit.

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Bathing the Cat

How to Wash A Cat

We all know that most cats don’t like to be bathed. Well here, according to one person (a dog), is how it should be done.

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Cats + Abs Workout with 3 Cute Kitties and 3 Hot Guys!

Here’s a workout you won’t want to miss. 3 hunky guys and 3 adorable, adoptable kitties lead you in what’s bound to become your all-time favorite workout!

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Make a Cat Sweater Bed

Make A Sweater Bed For Your Cat

Have an old sweater that you no longer wear? Don’t throw it away, use it to make your cat a nice, comfy bed with minimum effort.

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Name Your Cat

How to Name Your Cat

There are so many other possibilities; the options are limitless. So how do you go about choosing the perfect name for your kitty?

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Kitty Protection

Best Kitten Purchase Ever?

Admittedly, the kitten lanyard is cute, but I noticed something else in the picture that I think was an even better purchase…that pink metal “cat”.

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Dogs vs. Cats

5 Mean Things Dogs Do To Cats

The myth goes that dogs and cats dislike one another. This may not occur in your house. However, that doesn’t mean that it will always be smooth sailing.

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