Just For Fun

Grumpy Cat 2015

Happy New Year from Kittens Whiskers

Happy New Year everyone! Grumpy may not like it, but what else would you expect from Grumpy Cat?

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Cookie Monster

Cookie Thief

There’s nothing like some nice hot coffee (or some nice warm cocoa), and an oatmeal-raisin cookie fresh from the oven, to warm your tummy on a cold winter day.

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You Think A Snow Cat Is Funny?

Lol! This snow cat must be somebody’s idea of a joke, but this kitty doesn’t think it’s very funny!

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Not toothless!

I Need A Better Name Than "Toothless"!

The original caption that came with this picture said “Toothless seemed an appropriate name for this little dude”. I think we can do better than that!

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Greg Krueger

An Autistic Man’s Love For Cats

For the last 15 years, Greg Krueger has spent all his spare time thinking of ways to improve the things he builds in his house – for his four cats.

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Smug Kitty

Rules for the Cat

As you know, we don’t own our cats, they own us. And should you ever forget that, you will be reminded!

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Ninja Cats

Ninja Cats! You Think It’s An Urban Legend?

Ninja cats are NOT an urban legend. They DO exist! One could be behind you… right now!

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Cat Washing Face

Superstitions About Cats That You Probably Haven’t Heard

The magical powers that cats are supposed to have can bring both good luck and bad luck, can bring lovers to young ladies, can heal the sick and bring riches to the poor.

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Halloween Cat

Have A Happy Howl-oween!

Kitty wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and wants to remind us to keep our cats inside tonight, especially the black ones.

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