Kitty PIctures

Cat on head in shower

Grab My Paws And I’ll Pull You Out!

Most cats do not like water, especially bath or shower water! This cat must think her human feels the same way, and is offering to get him out of there!

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Kitten Saved by Workers

Kittens Found In Dumpster By Construction Workers

Construction workers in Des Moines, Iowa found three kittens in a dumpster. Did someone throw these kittens away?

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Make A Big Smiley Face and Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! This kitty has a huge cheesy smile for the camera!

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Cat Stuck on a Wooden Ladder

Help! I’m Stuck!

Mew, mew, mew! Somebody help me, please! I climbed up here, but I can’t get down!

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Double Stacked Kittens

Delightful Double Stacks

Without further ado, I present to you an even dozen adorable double-stacked cuties.

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Gatsby and Ben

What Makes These Cats So Cute?

What makes us love kittehz so much? Their big eyes and little paws? Their purrs? Whatever it is, get ready to fill your eyes with a ton of kitty-cat cuteness!

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You’re Getting a WHAT?

Kitty is freaking out because he just overheard his hoomans talking about getting a dog!

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Kitten stretching

Stalk, Pounce, Chase. I’m Gonna Get That Leaf!

This little kitty seems intent on getting a blowing leaf. He’s ready to pounce!

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Wide eyed kitty

Wide-eyed Innocence

A sweet little kitty staring at you with wide-eyed innocence

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