What Makes These Cats So Cute?


Cuteness Overload

What makes us love kittehz so much? Is it their playfulness, the way they bat at things with their little paws, the way they pounce on your feet as they move under the covers? Maybe it’s the way they scamper around chasing a laser light or a bug? Could it be their gentle kneading and their soft purrs? It’s probably all of these things combined, plus a few more. Whatever it is, get ready to fill your eyes with a ton of kitty-cat cuteness!

Peeking Though The Fence

Peering Through The Fence

WOW, Buddy!!! Are you seeing what I’m seeing??

Yellow Tabby
Delany the Kitty

Purrrr, that feels good. A little to the right, please

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Cat looking in mirrow
Who Are You?

And what are you doing in my house?

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Math Helper

The Math Cat

There, there, don’t stress, be calm. I will help you study for your math test.

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Kitty in the Fridge

Kitten in the Fridge

Would you like a little “cat”sup on your sandwich?

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Kitten Holding Bottle

Kitten Holding His Own Bottle

“Rosco the kitty was found at 2 weeks of age when he became an orphan kitten. At 5 weeks old, he can hold up the bottle himself, chowing down the noms like a champ.” – Source

Upside Down Cat

Upside Down Cat

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

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Double Stack of Kittens

Double Dip

Ok, you win. Will you please get off my head now?

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Kittens in a Basket

Kittens in a Basket

A tisket, a tasket, cute tabbies in a basket.

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I Give Up!

I Give Up!

No more tickles! I give up!

Image Source

Cat with Heart on Nose

There’s just so much love in me that some of it leaked out onto my nose.

Image Source

Family of Four Cats

Family of Four

You talkin’ to us?

Image Source

Cat in Chair

Cat in Chair

About the dog…can we talk?

Image Source

Two Cats on a post

Cats On A Post

Here’s proof that two objects CAN occupy the same space at the same time.

Image Source

 Gatsby and Ben
Gatsby and His Buddy Ben

And then the witch put WHAT in the caldron?

Image Source

Gatsby the kitten

Gatsby’s New Hairdo

Gatsby visited the barber shop and got his hair spiked.

Image Source

 Cat with three kittens
Mama Cat

I’m really having second thoughts about this whole motherhood thing.


Why is it that we find small kittens so adorable? Is it their big eyes and tiny paws? Their sweet little mews? Or is it because they are so helpless and cuddly? Whatever it is, these kittens (and a few grown cats) are so darned cute that I’m sure they turned you into a helpless wreck!

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