The Adventures of Super Kitty

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Super Kitty!

Faster than a speeding mouse (sometimes)! More powerful than his little sister! Able to leap tall feet with a single bound (or two)!

Yes, it’s Super Kitty, adorable visitor from an extra-terrestrial animal shelter who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal cats.

Super Kitty, who can smell tuna from a mile away, catch laser beams with his bare paws; and who, disguised as Clark Kat, mild-mannered housecat for a great metropolitan rescue center, fights a never ending battle for cats everywhere, and the Feline way.

Super Kitty

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    Obama needs to go away. VOTE REPUBLICAN. 93 million people did not vote. Help get people to go vote Republican.

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    he has socks 😀

  4. Jose miraa tigreso!!!! 😛

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    Hehe.. I remembered our tabby..

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    Yes. Me too. :'(

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    And her barber mode 😐

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    Zimena Ortega el chester

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    to cute

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    You have a Super Kitty too, Lolita Cobain!

  14. plavusica moja. plave okice….

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    Thanx 🙂 its Hussain Shifaz and my cat.

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    This kitty is so cute. Love the pic, but liked the narrative even more.

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    il e trop mignon

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    Very cute

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    He is darling, I would adopt him in a heart beat, if I could have a pet where I live, the blue eyes would pull me in in a heart beat!!! 🙂

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    so cute

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    Vistes la gata que estoy haciendole de hogar temporal hasta que consiga que la adopten? ya pondre una foto

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    Elizabeth Nos encantaría ver la foto! (We would love to see the photo!)

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    So precious!!

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    Qui lindo!

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    That looks like my grandsons kitten Alen

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    I hit the like button… cuteness overload.. had to do so! 🙂

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    Now that’s what I call a superhero!

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    so adorable

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    Brooke Thomas – look how cute!!!!

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    Cute the cat is in cape

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    Omg, he’s too cute!!!

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    I love him!

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    I miss you guys!!

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    Orangie!!! 🙂 I have four of them…come check them out in my kitty group!

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    So cute.

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    I Love Super Kitty!

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    5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lets fly.

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    That’s cute

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    My mom nudged me to see your kitten. Love the cape! My cat Luna plays the superhero role once in a while too! 😀

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    Scott Danzig says:
    “My mom nudged me to see your kitten. Love the cape! My cat Luna plays the superhero role once in a while too! :D”

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    Here i come to save the day

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    looks like little garfield that keeps sneaking in my house.

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    cuteness overload 🙂

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    and what a cutie he is

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    Wish Super Kitty could help get my kitten out of the tree.She is about 40 feet up and scared Keep talking to her but she is to scared to move

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    gorgeous & beautiful <3 <3 <3

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