Superstitions About Cats That You Probably Haven’t Heard

Black Cats

Black cats sometimes get a bad rap, like the superstition that says that if one crosses your path, it means bad luck. But there are many, many superstitions that say good things about black cats. Like the Scottish superstition that says that a strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.

Black Cat on Porch

I bring you riche$!


A Japanese superstition says that black cats are a lucky omen because blacks cats can heal sick children and protect against evil.

Child Feeding CatYou took care of me when I was sick, now I take care of you!


Black Cat

I’m warning you, Evil, get away from here! Mrrrowrrr!


If you live in the English Midlands, and are planning on attending a wedding, we know the perfect gift. They have a superstition that says that a black cat given as a wedding present will bring good luck to the bride.

Cat with bride

This is one lucky bride!


Next, superstitions about cats sneezing.


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