Superstitions About Cats That You Probably Haven’t Heard

Cats Washing Their Faces

Cats are notorious groomers. They spend a great deal of their day washing and preening, so they will look beautiful. But according to a superstition of the Japanese, if a cat washes its face, it is a prediction that a visitor will be arriving. While in China and some parts of Europe, they say if a cat washes his face, it is a prediction of rain.

Cat Washing Face

I wonder, will this make it will rain on our visitors?


Washing Cubs Face

If I wash his face for him, will he get visitors?


Kitten watching rain

Rain, rain, how can I make you go away? By getting my face dirty again?


Cat Under Faucet

Not exactly what we meant by washing your face, but ok.


Next, good superstitions about black cats.


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