Cats of Disneyland

Disneyland’s Feral Cats

You may not know that Disneyland is home to a large colony of feral cats.

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Diego the Cat

Diego the Gentleman Cat

Dressed like a gentleman in a tuxedo; with high top button spats, white gloves, white shirt, black tux with a waistcoat, and a little “milk” on his chin.

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Hammie Taking Care of the Kittens

Hammie the Bulldog Adopts Kittens

When Michelle Parden took in an abandoned, pregnant cat named Mommy, she had no idea that her dog “Hammie” would develop such a strong bond with the kittens.

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Adopting A New Roommate

I wanted an animal to come home to each night and my landlord didn’t allow dogs, but did allow cats, so the decision was made for me. I was going to get a cat.

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The Cabinet Cat

My Cats Rocky and Rambo and the Cabinet Cat

My cats are Rocky and Rambo. Rambo has a funny relationship with a ceramic cabinet cat.

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SPCA Video

ABBA Goes To The Dogs (And The Cats!!)

This video will make you want to adopt right away! You have been warned!

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Stockings the Cat

A New Lease on Life for Stockings the Kitty

Stockings was born with severely deformed back legs and would most likely have been euthanized. See who saved him and how he’s doing now.

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Cat in the home

Making Room For Your First Cat

Adding a cat or kitten to your home is the start of a lifelong relationship with several commitments that need to be given some thought before you do it.

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Two Kittens

Why You Should Consider Adopting Kittens in Pairs

Living with another cat helps kittens or older cats learn how to interact appropriately with other cats, other pets in the household, and even with humans.

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