Kitty Pictures

Cat Sees Shoes on Sale

Shopping With Kitty

I took my furr baby shopping with me the other day. We like to never got out of the store!

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Wide eyed kitty

Wide-eyed Innocence

A sweet little kitty staring at you with wide-eyed innocence

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Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Movie

Grumpy Cat will be starring in her own movie this holiday season.

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Cat hugs baby

I Love My Hooman

Do you think of cats as being independent and aloof? Well, think again. Here’s proof that they’re not always that way!

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Shark Kitty

Shark Kitty

This kitty wants to be a shark, as long as he doesn’t have to go into the water!

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Cat in the candy store

Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Like the proverbial kid in a candy store, this kitty can’t seem to make up his mind which goldfish he wants.

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Kitten in boot

Puss in Boots, The Master Cat

Puss in Boots was written in 1697 and is still popular today. Read the basic plot and see some adorable modern day kitties in boots.

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Hide and Seek Kitten

Hey! No Fair!

Somebody peeked before this kitty could finish hiding!

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Peeking out from under jeans

Has The Rain Stopped?

Has the rain stopped? Is it safe to come out now? All that loud thunder scares me! Oh no! There it is again. So loud! Maybe I’ll just stay under here for now.

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