Kitty Pictures

Summer Kitty

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As the leaves begin to turn, these kitties would like to give you a last glimpse of their summer fun, and a look into what the new fall weather brings.

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Super Kitty

The Adventures of Super Kitty

Faster than a speeding mouse (sometimes)! More powerful than his little sister! Able to leap tall feet with a single bound (or two)! It’s Super Kitty!

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Gatsby and Ben

What Makes These Cats So Cute?

What makes us love kittehz so much? Their big eyes and little paws? Their purrs? Whatever it is, get ready to fill your eyes with a ton of kitty-cat cuteness!

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You’re Getting a WHAT?

Kitty is freaking out because he just overheard his hoomans talking about getting a dog!

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Kitty with nose in food

Kittens That Need Their Faces Washed

These kitties all need to have their faces washed, either by mama cat, or by their hoomans. Either way, they’re all purrdy darn cute!

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Kitten stretching

Stalk, Pounce, Chase. I’m Gonna Get That Leaf!

This little kitty seems intent on getting a blowing leaf. He’s ready to pounce!

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Sunday Kitty

Sunday Kitty

I hope you had a purrfect weekend! I did! Back to work tomorrow? Have a good week. See ya after you get home!

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Cat in scarf

The New Fall Line of Cat Clothes

Here are 12 warm-makers that no fashion conscious kitty will want to be without this fall!

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Cat Organizer

Crazy Cat Lady Organizer From IKEA

They recently opened up a new IKEA store near me. I went there, after the grand opening (it was too crowded!), and found the cutest cat organizer. The cats love it!

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