Kitty Pictures

Open the Door

Knock Knock Kitty

This little kitty has stood up on his back legs and seems to be knocking at the door!

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Little Girl Feeds Kittens

Do You Have Some Milk For Me?

Not sure who is the cutest here – the kittens or the little girl. Maybe it’s a tie. But what are they saying to each other?

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Do I See…Treats?

What’s she doing over there? She’s opening something. I think I see…treats!

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Scary Movie Night

Scary Movie Night

Here comes the monster! It’s behind you! I can’t look! No, I can’t NOT look!

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Cutemess Overload

Cuteness Overload

What makes you happy? Would six sweet little furr-babies crawling all over you do it? It did for this lady!

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Kitten Photobomb

Cutest Cat PhotoBombs Ever!

A photobomb is when someone (or a kitty) is not supposed to be in a picture, and spoils it by being there. But all of these photobombers are extremely cute!

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Cat Stroking

A Little To The Left, Please

Cats, like humans and other mammals, loved to be stroked, rubbed, and petted. Have you ever wondered why? This video explains it in such a cute way!

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Cat with an Aura

Kitteh With An Aura

I am Chi. Feel my life force. I have innate, esoteric energies. I silently stalk your hand or foot, and can pounce upon it at will.

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Beautiful Kitten

The Face of An Angel

Such a pretty kitten. I wonder what she’s thinking?

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