Grumpy Cat 2015

Happy New Year from Kittens Whiskers

Happy New Year everyone! Grumpy may not like it, but what else would you expect from Grumpy Cat?

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Cat in the Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your Ornaments Are History

It’s always a challenge to keep the cat out of the Christmas tree. We’ve got a few suggestions, plus some precautions you should take with your holiday d├ęcor.

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The Lykoi

Lykoi, The Werewolf Cat

The Lykoi Cat, also called the ‘Wolf Cat’ or the ‘Werewolf Cat’ is a distinct breed of cat that resembles, you guessed it, a mix between a werewolf and a cat.

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Cookie Monster

Cookie Thief

There’s nothing like some nice hot coffee (or some nice warm cocoa), and an oatmeal-raisin cookie fresh from the oven, to warm your tummy on a cold winter day.

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Two Cute Kittens

Double Cuteness!

Two little kittens doing what kittens do best – playing with each other!

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You Think A Snow Cat Is Funny?

Lol! This snow cat must be somebody’s idea of a joke, but this kitty doesn’t think it’s very funny!

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Lady with CAt

Is Fostering Right For You?

Nothing compares to the rewarding feeling of watching the cat or kitten you foster finally go home with a loving, responsible owner.

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Kitten to Cat

Memories: Kitten to Cat

The folks over at PopKitten have a cute article showing pictures of cats when they were kittens, and as they are now. They also have a good piece of advice.

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Annie the Cat

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Program at the Valley Oak SPCA

The Valley Oak SPCA of Visalia, California will spay and neuter your feral cats (and dogs) for just $30.

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