Cat Answers Phone

Fred the Cat Answers the Telephone

A Kitty Cat Answering Service?

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Cat and Dog

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog Household

Before bringing a cat into a home where a dog is already living, there are a number of things that must be considered.

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Beautiful Burmese

The Beautiful Burmese

Unique among most breeds of cat for their solid brown fur, the Burmese is a relatively new breed. These cats are not only curious and adventurous, but are also sweet and affectionate.

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The Best Fairy Tale With Cats Ever

This is the best fairy tale (with cats) ever. Utterly ridiculous. And awesome.

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Zoo of Death

The "Zoo of Death"

There is a zoo in Indonesia, the Surabaya Zoo, that terribly mistreats it’s animals. With approximately 25 animals per month – that’s almost 1 per day – dying from unnatural causes – often starvation or untreated infections, it has earned itself the name “Zoo of Death” or the “Nightmare Zoo”. The animals are skin and bones, […]

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Feral Cat

Jackson County’s Problem With Feral Cats

Lots of kittens and puppies are born in the spring. When you’re talking about feral cats, this is a huge problem. The Great Plains SPCA is doing something about it.

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Hammie Taking Care of the Kittens

Hammie the Bulldog Adopts Kittens

When Michelle Parden took in an abandoned, pregnant cat named Mommy, she had no idea that her dog “Hammie” would develop such a strong bond with the kittens.

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1910 Photo of Lady and her Cat

A Young Lady and Her Cat Circa 1910

I came across this image of a young lady and her pretty kitty, taken in 1910. Just a tiny bit of Photoshopping (I’m no pro) spruces the image up quite a bit.

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Bathing the Cat

How to Wash A Cat

We all know that most cats don’t like to be bathed. Well here, according to one person (a dog), is how it should be done.

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