Kitty Pictures

Cat Stalking Bug


This tiny little bug may not be aware of it, but he’s about to be history! Kitty is about to make his move and shoot that paw out to grab his prey.

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Halloween Cat

Have A Happy Howl-oween!

Kitty wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and wants to remind us to keep our cats inside tonight, especially the black ones.

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Hugs For My Mama

I love my mama! She brought me into this world, she feeds me, cleans me, keeps me warm and cuddles me. She’s the best mama in the whole world!

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Mama Cat

If Looks Could Kill!

Mama cat’s face seems to say – do NOT mess with my babies! Don’t worry Mama, we won’t hurt them, we just want to take a picture of your cute little furballs!

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Witch Kitty

Boo! Witch Kitty Scare You!

Boo! I’m a witch! A scary Halloween witch kitty! I have ghosts and pumpkins and all that Halloween stuff. And a scary witch hat!

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Waiting for Dinner

I Hope We’re Having Fish For Dinner!

The table is set, the wine glass is ready, and Jax the kitty is waiting patiently for dinner. Is it going to be tuna, or salmon, or cod?

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Friday Kitten

TGIF Kitty

Thank goodness it’s Friday! This kitten is just stopping by to say she hopes you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Cat Halloween Costume

Giddyup, Kitty! We’ve Got A Race To Run

Even though the cats may not really appreciate being dressed up for Halloween, some of the costumes really are cute and imaginative. Like this one!

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Cat on head in shower

Grab My Paws And I’ll Pull You Out!

Most cats do not like water, especially bath or shower water! This cat must think her human feels the same way, and is offering to get him out of there!

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