Annie the Dog

Annie the Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens

When Blair’s brother called her about some orphaned kittens he had found, no one expected Annie the dog to take over mothering them.

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Rescued Cat

Craziest Cat Lady Ever?

Heard in on the news last night. Another cat hoarding lady busted. But this story had a couple of strange twists.

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Cats of Disneyland

Disneyland’s Feral Cats

You may not know that Disneyland is home to a large colony of feral cats.

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Diego the Cat

Diego the Gentleman Cat

Dressed like a gentleman in a tuxedo; with high top button spats, white gloves, white shirt, black tux with a waistcoat, and a little “milk” on his chin.

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Kittens Got Shipped

Two Week Old Kittens Accidently Shipped 100 Miles

Imagine the shock for a Cox Communications employee who opened the box at work and found these two newborn kittens clinging to life inside.

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Zoo of Death

The "Zoo of Death"

There is a zoo in Indonesia, the Surabaya Zoo, that terribly mistreats it’s animals. With approximately 25 animals per month – that’s almost 1 per day – dying from unnatural causes – often starvation or untreated infections, it has earned itself the name “Zoo of Death” or the “Nightmare Zoo”. The animals are skin and bones, […]

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Feral Cat

Jackson County’s Problem With Feral Cats

Lots of kittens and puppies are born in the spring. When you’re talking about feral cats, this is a huge problem. The Great Plains SPCA is doing something about it.

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The Cabinet Cat

My Cats Rocky and Rambo and the Cabinet Cat

My cats are Rocky and Rambo. Rambo has a funny relationship with a ceramic cabinet cat.

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