Cute Kittens

Cat Stuck on a Wooden Ladder

Help! I’m Stuck!

Mew, mew, mew! Somebody help me, please! I climbed up here, but I can’t get down!

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Beautiful white cat

Does The Color of a Cat’s Coat Determine Their Personality?

Black cats are laid back &friendly, orange cats are high-strung, and white cats are said to be shy and quiet and possibly not quite as smart as the other cats.

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Kitten in blanket

Mama, Will You Read Me A Bedtime Story?

Little kitty has snuggled down into the covers and is super cozy. He’s ready for his mom to read him a bedtime story.

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Too Cute Kittens

Too Cute Live Kitty Cam

See Bryce Harpurr, Jordan Zimmermeow, Kitten Strasburg, Adam LaROAR, and Whiskers Werth on the Too Cute Live Kitty Cam!

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Double Stacked Kittens

Delightful Double Stacks

Without further ado, I present to you an even dozen adorable double-stacked cuties.

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Summer Kitty

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As the leaves begin to turn, these kitties would like to give you a last glimpse of their summer fun, and a look into what the new fall weather brings.

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Super Kitty

The Adventures of Super Kitty

Faster than a speeding mouse (sometimes)! More powerful than his little sister! Able to leap tall feet with a single bound (or two)! It’s Super Kitty!

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Gatsby and Ben

What Makes These Cats So Cute?

What makes us love kittehz so much? Their big eyes and little paws? Their purrs? Whatever it is, get ready to fill your eyes with a ton of kitty-cat cuteness!

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You’re Getting a WHAT?

Kitty is freaking out because he just overheard his hoomans talking about getting a dog!

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